Xtreamly brings Vine vibes back as NFT marketplace. We are the first entertaining video-based marketplace for minting,exploring and NFTs. We aim to unleash the social and entertaining side of NFTs. Moving toward this vision, we released 1 feature : the first “Digital Profile” as linkTree on Web3 for tokenizing Self-expression trust less and on-chain, automatically creating a shareable digital profile for users by connecting to their wallet.

Our Pupose


Bring “Vine” vibes back as marketplace for trading NFTs in entertaining and social form

Our consultant partner:

GaryVee and Sacha group


our loyal users, will have the chance to get 1000 exclusive and extremely limited xtreamly tokens to be part of whitelist.

Early users:

Be the pioneer influencers in our upcoming unicorn platform and be first having access to our innovative and exclusive features per release.

Waiting List:

Sign up for our waiting list to join our beta


Our Airdrops for 2022

The 1000 of early users will own xtreamly tokens to be part of our vip community with interaction opportunities with our key leader partners and collaborators.

Tokenized self-expression:

Take your Xtreamly digital profile wherever your audience is,for a tokenized self expression and to help them know you on web3 based on what you own and what your interests are.

A linktree for web3:

Connect audiences to all of your NFT collections/creations and Decentralized identity with just one link.

LinkedIn Page:


The Roadmap

Q2 2022

- Our first release is Digital Profile as the launchpad for your metaverse avatars, NFTS creations/collections, twitter,discord. It also shows and proves what communities you are a member of. You can connect your audiences to all of your NFT collections/creations and decentralized identity with just one link and a practical and attractive interface.

April 15th, 2022

Q3 2022

Explore,Collect and build NFTs across multiple blockchains :

The next iteration of Xtreamly reveals an innovative, entertaining and interactive marketplace for NFT trading, trustless and cross-chain. A complete solution for minting, a genuinely revolutionary form of exploring NFTs, sell, resell and buy NFTs on multiple chains in a completely new format.

August 15th, 2022

Q4 2022

Pay with Credit Card, apple pay or crypto: you can pay for gas fee transactions in app, safe, secure and in a minute for all trading activities and see the transactions immediately in your connected wallet in app and on chain.

December 15th, 2022